Yelp Review #2

I wrote no. 1 a while ago, and I thought that I would just start with posting this one. I haven’t been posting here as regularly as I would like, but that’s going to change for real this time. Probably.

It’s up in the air, really…

Anyway, I’ll be posting links to my other Yelp reviews once I get them up here. Lord knows I’ve got plenty to put in here.

As always, read widely. Think freely. And stay weird.


Cello, Again! (Ah-ha-ha…ah.)

Well. Hasn’t it been quite a while, yes?

Dear readers, so many things in my life have transpired since the last entry here on PaEF. Firstly, I am very well, thank you! Sickness did not drag me away, as some of you may have feared. Or may not have. You have your own life. You do you.

I’ve gotten married! Since November of last year, I’ve been engrossed in planning nuptials. If I remember to, this week I may be able to post a picture of my engagement ring and wedding band. (Imagine a happy dance. That’s me in your head. Nice place you’ve got here.)

I’ve also moved! One state over, but that’s a million miles in paperwork distance. And also when you permanently leave your family for the first time. (Last time? College doesn’t count, right?) I’m not sure how to put it, but I trust you to understand what I mean.

Figuring out life now has proven to be an enjoyable puzzle, as this new town, new family dynamic, and new routine all give my brain a chance to click the pieces together. I’ll be doing that the rest of my life, so cheers to practicing, yeah?

Yes, I’m still writing. No, it’s not currently Avingarde. We’ve taken a break. We need to see other people, get some fresh blood into our systems, you know? It was too clingy, and I was too stifled, so a plus b equaled C-you -later in this scenario.

crack myself up

(Slappin’ my knee, slappin’ my knee.)

But seriously.

I’ve found freedom in breaking from a series to write other things for the moment. Short stories, novellas, even other novels. I’m raring to go with the other stories in other genres.

Prepare yourselves, readers, for stories of life, love, and the writing-reading lifestyle that has taken me under its encompassing waves.

Peace and love to you. May God go before you.


Feels So Empty Without Me

So, what is the point of a blog if I just let it sit here and do nothing? I’ll tell you one of the reasons I have a blog in the first place.

Possible author stuff.

If I ever get picked up and published one day, the literary agent or wherever takes my book will want me to have a social media presence. I personally find it rather nerve-wracking (and irritating) to constantly have to find something to write about for posts and whatnot, but you know what? That’s starting to go away.

You see, God led me to this little place called The Odyssey, which is a platform for colleges to form supervised groups and put out content like articles, listicles, videos, news stories, all that kind of jazz. My good friend Answer The Question Steven got me into contact with them. For three weeks I’ve been writing content for them. And you know, these three weeks have shown me that I really can put out content on a regular basis.

So for all you publishers and agents and whatnots out there looking for an author who can do social media, I guess I qualify!

Anyway, I want to just do a quick update for all of those readers I’m not sure are out there. I’m home from undergrad, with a degree and everything. Woo! Now I have plenty of time to write, and write whatever I want. No homework. No exams. No dorms. All brainpower going to fiction.

And, oh. It feels. So. Good.

I’ll be honest, though, I had burned out pretty badly. My brain could hardly evenĀ think about writing fiction when I first got home in May. I had to sit back and relax and de-stress before an idea could evenĀ think about sitting still on my imagination. Did I want to watch Netflix and movies with my family, or read books like never before because I had been fiction-starved? Yes, but not really. I wanted to WRITE, and I thought I could, cold-turkey out of undergrad.

That’s not the way life works. And not the way my brain works.

Three months went by, I kid you not, before I had a substantial two paragraphs I felt weren’t trash. But by then, I had come to terms with resting, with its importance for artistic folk who need the kick-back-relax atmosphere to foster their creative attitude and channels.

If you’ve just recently graduated college, and you feel like you need to run run run right now get that job get that apartment do everything and succeed gain consume wealth and whatever…don’t. Relax. You’ve got, literally, your entire life ahead of you. Take in your surroundings. Stop to notice the roses, because you can’t stop to smell what you don’t see is there.

Take care of yourself. You’re the only you we’ll ever get on this planet, and Earth would feel so empty without you.

My love to you, dear hearts. Whatever you decide.