Why shouldn’t I mention the cello?

Cello again!

Yes, I hear the crickets. I’m slapping my knee anyway.

It’s been three years since I started this blog. I haven’t written much for the past year, yes, but I’ll explain more about that later.

I’m keeping the old post here below, so if you want to know about the cello, please do continue scrolling until the scene break, so to speak.

This is a blog about hope and humanity. God and faith. Tourette’s and writing. And now, life as a newlywed, especially as a newlywed who has some pretty encompassing disabilities. I’m hoping to start a YouTube channel, maybe a podcast, and I plan to continue writing here on a regular basis. Here’s to us and the future, dear hearts.



Hello, hearts!

Recently I have begun to wonder what it is about fiction that so grabs the reader’s attention. And only recently have I begun to discover that it is not fiction that grabs the reader, but the truth the fiction reflects in the reader’s life that captures the mind, heart, and soul. My current manuscript is doing things that nothing else I’ve ever written dared to do–or, perhaps, I’m doing things I never dared to do with my other manuscripts. As the world grows around me, I see myself mirrored on every page. These characters know me better than I do, and they know themselves better than I anticipated. I don’t have to tell them who they are. They know.

The trick is discovering who I am amidst this whole process. But I don’t think I would ever trade this for anything, even a gold-plated C.S. Lewis manuscript signed and annotated by the man himself handed to me on a bookshelf full of my favorites, all first-edition first-printings…

Okay, that’s steep. The transaction holds, though.

NOW! The *****. Within my manuscript, there is a certain character–Sedgewick–who has lost an arm, and despite every attempt to quiet his sometimes-idiotic companion, this companion CONSTANTLY talks about the ***** and the fact that Sedgewick used to play but can’t anymore because, well, one arm and all that whatnot. So, in order to avoid the feels and the wrath of Sedgewick, please PLEASE only ever talk about the ***** when he is not within earshot.


If you want to contact me, just fly a brass pigeon my way. And if you’re out of brass pigeons–or they need maintenance–you can always use my email: Progress.Over.All@gmail.com

Here be my Facebook page as well, hearts: https://www.facebook.com/PipesAndSophisticatedFurniture


2 thoughts on “Why shouldn’t I mention the cello?

  1. This post in no way explains why one should not mention the *****. Not in a way that any other person understands, anyway.

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