Cello, Again! (Ah-ha-ha…ah.)

Well. Hasn’t it been quite a while, yes?

Dear readers, so many things in my life have transpired since the last entry here on PaEF. Firstly, I am very well, thank you! Sickness did not drag me away, as some of you may have feared. Or may not have. You have your own life. You do you.

I’ve gotten married! Since November of last year, I’ve been engrossed in planning nuptials. If I remember to, this week I may be able to post a picture of my engagement ring and wedding band. (Imagine a happy dance. That’s me in your head. Nice place you’ve got here.)

I’ve also moved! One state over, but that’s a million miles in paperwork distance. And also when you permanently leave your family for the first time. (Last time? College doesn’t count, right?) I’m not sure how to put it, but I trust you to understand what I mean.

Figuring out life now has proven to be an enjoyable puzzle, as this new town, new family dynamic, and new routine all give my brain a chance to click the pieces together. I’ll be doing that the rest of my life, so cheers to practicing, yeah?

Yes, I’m still writing. No, it’s not currently Avingarde. We’ve taken a break. We need to see other people, get some fresh blood into our systems, you know? It was too clingy, and I was too stifled, so a plus b equaled C-you -later in this scenario.

crack myself up

(Slappin’ my knee, slappin’ my knee.)

But seriously.

I’ve found freedom in breaking from a series to write other things for the moment. Short stories, novellas, even other novels. I’m raring to go with the other stories in other genres.

Prepare yourselves, readers, for stories of life, love, and the writing-reading lifestyle that has taken me under its encompassing waves.

Peace and love to you. May God go before you.



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