I Don’t Always Write Blog Posts…

…But when I do, it’s probably because I’m procrastinating.

Thanks to schneeblog.com for the photo

Yep, no joke. I’m sitting here and basking in the fact that the very second I wish to, I can pick up my pen and start writing a chapter I’ve been waiting for since freakin’ February. I’ve got two weeks left to get Ch 16 done, which is my deadline, but somehow I’m kind of sitting here and looking into my mental calendar as it stretches into infinity and drags me backward in some relativity paradox. I don’t like this feeling…I get it every time I anticipate something.

And I’m anticipating the next chapter with every fiber of my being. After this, everything starts climbing until it explodes, and then I get to do some chapters I’ve been REALLY waiting for, and I’ll have the courage and confidence to plot out Part III completely…! Yeah, so I have no idea why I’m just sitting here.

Maybe it’s because I have to really wind up to this. I continually struggle with thoughts of novel length. I know, I know. Write until I’m finished. Right at the back of my psyche, though, is this little hammer smacking my brain and telling me, “SHORT. SHORT. YOU NEED TO GET IT FINISHED. KEEP IT SHORT. NO ONE WANTS TO READ A LONG NOVEL.” Which is totally not true, and I know that…

And still it persists. (GAH!)

Anyway. I think I’m actually going to go and scrounge up something to eat (Yes, I’m aware that the answer to procrastination is not in the fridge…always) and take pen to paper. I cranked out Ch 13 in a couple of days. (DAYS.) So I have no doubt that I can finish Ch 14 in the same amount of time. The only thing I need now is gumption and coffee. Or tea. Lots and lots of tea.

Pray for my deadline! I’m so close to finishing Part II, I squirm inside. And keep me accountable, I beg you. Nudges keep me going, even though I hate them. (Ahhh-ha-ha…ha…..ha-ha.)

C.M. is out.


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