What to do When Your Brain Stops Wanting to Focus

Exhibit A – Me. (Hi, how are you?)

Today I’ve been hit with a HUGE turnaround point in my series–some vital packet of information I had felt missing finally hit me like a hurricane made of concrete bricks, and WHAM. Things that had been floating in the Ether of Puzzledom fell into the picture. Some pieces (being the jerks they are) decided to get all up in my gears the VERY SECOND I sat down to work on Ch 11. (Thanks, guys.) Alas, I gave in; but this time the distraction paid off.

This Character had been bugging me today, and when The Best Friend (TBF) gave me a picture of concept art, my mind flew into overdrive. His story lay in fog until I sat down and asked him (no, I’m not crazy, I’m a novelist) what was going on. His voice came through so clearly, I’m slightly amazed and whiplash-ed all at once. Everything that had been a mystery about a certain group of scientists made sense because this one man finally revealed his story, his voice, and his own character to me.

Well, once TC had settled down, I actually got some writing done on my manuscript. Surprise! Success after a week-long drought due to Finals and all that academic nonsense. I’d been wanting to post, since after that last little round of depression-induced wordsmithing may have caused some alarm. No need to fear; I’m fine, just slightly chemically imbalanced. We can all shake Tourette Syndrome’s hand for that one. (Or, you know…kick it in the shins. Whichever you feel best about.)

Anyway! After a while, my brain just kind of switches gear without me meaning to. While this could be attributed to ADHD–and while, yes, it totally can be–tonight it was that moment where something else took hold and started floating through my head, and everything else took the background as the new gear drove me in a different direction. Thus, I’m here writing my post, on summer break, in a midnight kitchen, watching the clock tick seconds by, and thinking maybe (JUST MAYBE) I should be in bed.

But alas.

Where was I going with this? I don’t remember. Maybe it’s good to simply write out my brain’s spewings so even I know what the heck I’m thinking sometimes.

SO! People of the ‘Press. I’m aiming for a deadline I’ve made for myself. My manuscript will be edited and ready to self-publish (God willing) by the end of the summer, enabling me to set my book in the store on campus when I return to ENC in August. If I don’t have at least Ch 16’s rough draft finished by the end of this month, get on me about it. I’m serious. Harass me. Make sure I do it.


I’m counting on you, and you’re counting on me. Let’s work together, shall we?

P.S. Have you ever fooled around with the term “Civil War”? I always imagined that if a war was truly civil, soldiers would be handing each other their rifles and saying, “No, after you.” Tea, scones, bickering, glove-slapping fights, lots of harrumphs…yes, that would be a truly civil war.



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