You’re Worth It

I know I’ve posted one already today, but I kind of feel like I should do another. I guess I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Have you ever felt worthless? Like the people around you who are supposed to help only ever squish your face into the mud, then tell you that you need to do better? And every time you try to stand back up, they just kick you down again?


I’m offering you my hand. So take it and stand up, and I’ll dust off your back and get you a fresh set of clothes. You know why?

You’re worth it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re “defective” or “broken” or “worthless” or “not up to the task”. It’s not true. Block out their voice and listen to me: You’re worth it.

Every single person on this Earth was created for a specific reason, and the voices all around you will want to make you think that it’s the reason they say it is, but guess what? You’ll know the reason you were made for because it will grab your heart and never let go. It will make you cry in the middle of the coffee shop down the street, and you won’t understand why. It will light like a passion in the depths of your marrow and make you feel like you’re being burned alive, and barely anyone will understand. You might not even get it at first. But there is a reason those passions squeeze the life out of you: so that more life can pile right in. You know why?

Because you’re worth it.

No living being that has as much passion as you do could ever be random, or defective, or worthless. You have a heart. You’re a soul. C.S. Lewis pegged it when he said that we have never spoken with mere mortals. Mortals wouldn’t be worth it. But you’re not a mortal. You’re an eternal soul hand-crafted by God Himself, and if He thinks you’re worth it, then you are.

Darkness swamps us sometimes. I know. I’ve been there, and I struggle to find the outer light that clears the clouds. But I always have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. Even when it affects my family or when it affects me; even when fog banks swarm the path and the Grimpen Mire grabs hold of my feet and threatens to drown me; even when I curl up in the dark and beg for deliverance–even then am I worth it. Even then are you worth it.

You are worth everything. To me, to God, to you. You are a human being designed to be loved and to love, and I want you to know that no matter who you are, no matter where you’re reading this from, no matter who’s trying to drown you, here’s my hand of friendship. I love you. And you, dear heart, are worth it.


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