Some More Begging

Hello again, faithful readers.

My post is on time by negative-one days! (NOTE: Why is it that “negative one” can get a plural, but “one” can’t…?)

So, I know I’ve got some bigger topics to cover later, such as “why is it that so many people have a problem with Ellen Hopkins?” and “Judaism cured me of potential alcoholism,” but for now, I wanted to make an announcement.

I self-published my very first novel!

I’ve been working on this since September of 2013, and finally it feels smooth enough (and has been rejected enough by publishing houses) that I can put it out in the wilds and feel good about it being there. Lately I’ve been coming off my medications, so anxiety and fatigue have overwhelmed my desire to drag out my computer and put up a post.

Voila. Today you get one. 😀

I must thank you for sticking around for as inconsistent as I am. This summer, if I don’t publish directly on a Tuesday, it’s most likely that I’m writing during that time and haven’t gotten around to blogging. Anyway, it’s rather late, and I’ll be working tomorrow, so here! Have a semi-on-time blog post and a *new book recommendation* while you’re at it! I guess this is my big cover reveal!

Thanks again, hearts.


Cover Final

Lords of the Civilized Underworld by Caitlin Theroux

As an aspiring scientist, Katarine Maris moves to Glenne to begin her career in a top science undergraduate program–and to look for her best friend who’s been missing for seven years. The last anyone saw, he had run into the heart of the city, where industrial machines and airborne toxins are the least of the residents’ worries there.

Enrik has always been sick, always the odd one out, always fighting to take his next breath. He’s all but given up hope, until his brother leads Katarine right back into their lives. Have they arrived in time, or worse: does Enrik want to be saved at all?

Fairfax, an alchemist living in Glenne, offers Katarine a chance at working with him as his apprentice. As Chairman of Industry and Mechanization in Glenne, his unique access to every part of the inner district gives her unrestricted access to look for Enrik. But how could she continue to work with a mentor who’s fallen in love with her? Especially when she doesn’t realize that’s what’s happening.

Join the adventure and set your rail spikes in the first installment of a new Steampunk series set on a parallel Earth, Lords of the Civilized Underworld.

A Little Bit of Begging

Hello, faithful readers!

Here we are, on Thursday, and I have remembered to write a post! Granted, it is a couple days late, but I have managed to remember this time! *huzzah!*

So last post, I mentioned that I have put out a short story on Amazon that is currently in ebook format. It’s only 99 cents, and no, that price won’t be raised, as the story is only about 35 pages. But if you could do an aspiring author a real solid and buy it, that would be amazing. I’ll leave the blurb here so you can make your decision.

And for those who don’t have an eReader, but you’re still interested, please note that you can download reader apps on your smart phone and computer. I’ll link that down below as well.

Thank you, my dearest readers! I know this is a shorter post, but it’s important enough to me that I am bringing myself to ask you to check it out.

I will see you next Tuesday, on time, I promise.


Krakow, 1940. A young SS officer grapples with what it means to be human, to be a monster, and how easily that line can be blurred. Englbehrt wants to believe in something, anything. But when the only light in the darkness shines from the people he’s supposed to hate, what is he supposed to do? And even more dangerously–what side does that mean he’s on?

Buy the story! 

I’m Terrible at Updating

I know, it’s been forever since I’ve written here. I’m not very good at keeping up with it, and I have no idea what I should do to set up a schedule. So that’s what today’s post is about.

I’m setting up a schedule for myself! I’ll write a blog post every Tuesday. And if I have a particularly interesting story or a big announcement, I’ll do another post!

Okay. Cool. Well, I do have news this time.

I have an author page on Amazon! Right here! Currently the story is only ninety-nine cents, so…please buy it?

Why, you might ask? Well, I published a short story! I still can hardly believe it.

Also, I’ve got two contests for short stories I’ve yet to hear from, and an anthology I’ve submitted to. I’ll know the results for the latter this coming June or July. But I’ll keep you posted, faithful reader.

I’m not sure what else to say right now, but here’s to continuous publication and whatever ends up being put here. Thank you for holding out with me and (most of all) putting up with my absences. Onward to a regular schedule. Dilly dilly!